Skill Assessments

Peninsula Worklink and its many partners have career assessment tools that you may use to determine your aptitudes and skills that you bring to the workforce. In some instances, you may wish to improve your skills and knowledge. Using these tools will help you find the best career opportunity and prepare for it appropriately.

Career Actions Resources:  Self-Assessments for job search and reemployment planning.

Career Index: http://the  Career Information, job information, information choice made simple powerful, real-world career information for better choices at the Career index.

Career Onestop:  Education and training; salary and benefits; resumes and interviews; veterans reemployment; students and career advisors; salary information; job search and job seekers.

Career Voyages:  Designed to provide information on high growth, in-demand occupations along with the skills and education needed to attain those jobs: High Growth Industries/ In-Demand Occupations/ Career Guidance / Four-Year Colleges

Dream it Do it Skill Profiler:  Explore, ready, train, assess and employ. Learn about yourself; the employment options available to and the training that will prepare you for them.

Job Source: Get Ready for your next job here!
▪ Defining Your Skills
▪ Getting Your Training
▪ Community College
▪ Finding a Job

Occupational Outlook Handbook: For hundreds of different types of jobs the Occupational Outlook Handbook explains the nature of the work/training/ education/earnings/job prospects/working conditions

*Net Online:  Find occupations: career cluster; quick search; skills search; advanced search; interests; job zone and bright outlook.

Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments:
Anyone who needs to improve their basic digital literacy skills, the Northstar Digital Literacy Assessments are tools for individuals to identify areas of strength and areas needing employment. These tasks can be assessed through online, self-guided modules. Included are basic computer digital literacy standards and modules in eight main areas: Basic Computer Use, Internet, Windows Operating System, Mac OS, Email, Word Processing (Word), Social Media, and Excel. Once the individuals pass the assessments at approved sites, they can obtain the Northstar Digital Literacy Certificate. This provides a credential for employment.