Business Services for Employers

Business Services for Employers

The Peninsula Council for Workforce Development facilitates programs that assist new and existing businesses in accessing qualified workers and jobseekers and bolstering their earnings.

We can assist companies by connecting them with qualified applicants, reducing their cost per hire, providing productive/skilled employees and reducing unwanted turnover.

Example of Services Offered

  • No cost advertising of opened positions
  • Pre-screening of potential candidates (including assessments that are company specific)
  • Matching of available labor pool to job openings
  • Timely, accurate and relevant industry specific labor market information
  • Access to interviewing and training facilities
  • Business planning, loan information, government contract submission, and market research are available to small businesses (0-100 employees)
  • Provide access to Peninsula Worklink One Stop Center clients (14,000 served last year alone)

The following services are also available but may involve a fee or require other program participation:

  • Skills assessment, certifications, and professional licensure testing and training for new and incumbent workers
  • Identification of skills required for specific jobs within your company
  • Access to computer labs
  • Opportunities to facilitate Job Fairs and Career Fairs for companies
  • Customized Training: technical skills, soft skills, etc.
  • On-the Job Training Contracts
  • Access to Business Development & Corporate Training 
  • Teamwork, customer service, problem solving, strategic planning and other training opportunities
  • The Workplace Excellence Series: View –  WPE Businesses  and WPE Modules for more information

For more information on how the Peninsula Council for Workforce Development can help, please contact: