Greater Peninsula Workforce Development Consortium

The Consortium serves as the grant recipient and administrative entity and fiscally liable party for all Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding allocated to the Greater Peninsula Local Workforce Development Area. In this capacity it is also responsible for appointing nominees to serve on the Greater Peninsula Workforce Development Board, approving budgets for carrying out all WIOA funded program activities and all eligible training providers, conducting, in collaboration with the Greater Peninsula Workforce Development Board comprehensive oversight of all WIOA funded operations, and ensuring that system partnerships are functioning effectively.

In this last capacity, the Consortium plays an important role in providing administrative support and technical assistance for WIOA funded services delivered through the local One-Stop service delivery system and contracted Youth Programs. Additionally, the Consortium seeks out other state and federal workforce grants, serves as a liaison with state and federal officials relative to WIOA matters, and keeps local elected officials and members of the Board apprised of any new legislative or regulatory matters that may affect the WIOA Program.

Representatives of Local Government

The Honorable Phillip N. Bazzani

Gloucester County Board of Supervisors

The Honorable Benny Zhang

Councilman, City of Williamsburg

The Honorable Herbert R. Green, Jr.

Councilman, City of Poquoson

The Honorable Jeffrey Wassmer

York County Board of Supervisors

The Honorable James “Jimmy” Gray

Councilman, City of Hampton

The Honorable Tina Vick

Vice Mayor, City of Newport News

The Honorable James Icenhour

James City County Board of Supervisors