Who We Are


Through its federal and private/public partnerships divisions, the Peninsula Council for Workforce Development serves as an administrative staff to the Greater Peninsula Workforce Development Board and the Greater Peninsula Workforce Development Consortium.  This includes committees and industry clusters, as well as the 501(c)(3) Greater Peninsula Workforce Development Corporation.

Based on the belief there’s nothing more important to a region’s economic vitality than a highly skilled workforce, the Peninsula Council for Workforce Development centers on identifying the workforce needs of Peninsula-based employers, job seekers and youth.

We partner with economic development entities, educational institutions, local governments and employers to devise innovative strategies so we can develop workforce talent that benefits businesses across the board and helps establish or advance careers for people of all ages.

The Peninsula Council and its partners work to ensure a robust local economy with economic opportunity through a wide variety of services and programs designed for both adults and youth seeking employment, career direction or job advancement. Throughout the Greater Peninsula, the Peninsula Council proudly serves the Virginia cities of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson and Williamsburg, and the counties of Gloucester, James City and York.


The Peninsula Council strives to provide human capital solutions through creative funding strategies and viable partnerships to keep our region globally competitive and economically strong.